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What We Offer

InvnTec 's additional value to the potential customers is based on the following advantages:
• Supplying state of the art 3D printers and its material.
• Offering onsite training for the various printers.
• Providing all spare parts needed for 3D printers maintenance and upgrading.
• Installing Fab-labs based on the customer needs.
• The ability to provide different rage of printers including industrial, metal, clay, resin based on the client needs and capabilities.
• Free consultations for small business owners and amateurs to assist them in transforming their ideas into tangible items.

What do we sell

The main scope of 3D-Printer business is to:
1. Selling 3D printers from different brands.
2. Design 3D printer labs for educational institutes and training centers.
3. Provide maintenance for most of 3D printers apart from the venders.
4. Design and build fab labs to the clients.
5. Support the industry with industrial 3D printers, Laser cutting machines, and CNC machines based in their requirements.
6. Provide robotics system to both academics and industry.